11 Ways To Boost Facebook Engagement For Small Businesses

11 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement for Small Businesses

Is your small business on Facebook?


Are you looking for better ways to engage your fans?


Small businesses are winning on Facebook more than ever before.


In this article you’ll find 11 ways small businesses can improve engagement and drive sales with Facebook posts.


#1: Move Your Audience to Action


Litographs is an online store that creates art from books. They sell posters, t-shirts and tote bags, so right off the bat they have some great visual content that appeals to readers.


The company uses their Facebook posts to drive sales, but they also do a good job of entertaining their audience with questions and humor.


litograph facebook post

Ask questions that require action and also use an image for inspiration.


Litographs came up with a fun idea to create temporary tattoos of sentences from Alice in Wonderland. They invited 5,000 people to join the world’s longest tattoo chain. This kind of idea is a great way to mobilize your audience and make them part of something special.


litograph tattoo facebook post

Make your audience part of something special.


Also give your community special discounts on Facebook—everyone loves a good deal.


litograph discount facebook post

Give your audience special discounts.

#2: Host a Facebook Party


Mamavation is a website that teaches natural wellness and nutrition and champions GMO-free food and products. They have high engagement and use video, blog posts and images to educate their audience about making organic food choices.


The company recently held a fun Facebook party to give away gift certificates and discounts to people who engaged with each post.


mamavation facebook party cover image

Use your cover photo to let people know about special events.


Mamavation had several posts with different giveaways and also gave a discount to everyone. Many posts during the party included tips to educate their audience.


mamavation facebook party post

Think of ways to engage your audience in real time.


Images still get high engagement on Facebook, and the ideal image size is 470 x 470 pixels. Share something thought-provoking, inspiring or humorous for extra engagement.


mamavation image post

Using images in your posts helps boost engagement.

#3: Show Personality


Through a Dog’s Ear is a small 7-year-old company that makes music to help calm anxious dogs. Their Facebook page is filled with personal photos of the founder and her dogs.


through a dog's ear facebook post

Get personal with your photos.


In the post above, notice that the company also tagged Wells Fargo, and Wells Fargo in turn liked the image. You can also use tagging and hashtags to get your posts more visibility.


through a dog's ear facebook post

Share things that are happening in your day and also relate to your business.

#4: Incorporate Humor


Cool Mom Picks is a website that curates gifts, gear, tech and resources for moms. They have great video tutorials and they bring together interesting finds in blog posts. They also use humor and show some personality in their posts.


cool mom picks funny facebook post

This post uses humor and provides tips that people can use and share.


Text-only posts are not dead and can still get great engagement. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little with your humor if that’s part of your brand.


cool mom picks text facebook post

Text-only posts can still get engagement.

#5: Have Fun


Authors sometimes wonder what to write about on Facebook—which is funny, since they’re writers. If you’re between projects, think about using Facebook as it was originally intended: a social site where you let people know what you’re doing.


Author Erica Spindler does a great job of getting personal and having some fun.Share things that you find funny or you feel are important for people to know.


erica spindler author facebook post

Use humor and tie it into your experience or your brand if possible.

#6: Be Responsive


Make it a habit to respond to comments quickly, as Erica Spindler did in the post below. When you do that regularly, you’ll get more engagement with your posts.


By Andrea Vahl

via http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/boost-facebook-engagement-for-small-businesses/

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