5 P’s Of Social Media Marketing

5 P’s of Social Media Marketing



People often ask me; “what is the benefit my business will have from establishing a solid social media presence.” Every time I tell them 2 reasons.


  • Public perception.

74% of consumers rely on social media to make their purchasing decisions.


With this in mind, why wouldn’t you strive to establish a dominant social media presence? If your consumers see that you are actively engaging with fans they will be more inclined to do business with you now or in the future!


  • Pubic engagement.


Social media has now become the number one way for companies to market their products. It is a universal medium for B2C marketing. If your customers use it then you should too, invite them into your world and establish a connection, in turn, loyalty will hold its own.





Give your consumers a ‘picture’ of your operations. Tell them a story. Social media is widely used as the number one source of advertising but the focus should be on establishing relationships rather than one time selling. By painting a picture for your consumers it’s amazing how easily they can be influenced into what they should be buying. Consumers build brands not companies, so use their inspiration to paint your picture.




In social media marketing, nine times out of ten, quality will rule over quantity, but make sure there is some evidence of quantity out there. Every social media marketer is a self-proclaimed expert at predicting the best time and day to post content as well as the maximum and minimum number of posts you should be making per week. Learn from your audience. This is very much dependent on your own personal viewpoints of how much your consumers want to see your content in their newsfeed.


Tip: Check your analytics for insights. Facebook has a brilliant integrated system packed with insightful data retrieved directly from your users involvement.




In social media you should withhold the attitude;


“My company is in the top 10% of influencers in the social media company library.”


Even if your page isn’t at the level of likes you would like to see it at or your follower base isn’t quite there yet, still post as if you are posting to millions! Keep your content insightful, clean and valuable. Prominence is standing out in the pack, there are thousands of companies in your industry make sure your content is up there with the best!




Above and beyond all else, make sure your company is making waves on social media. Pay for advertising if you have to. Progress is vital for growth, engagement and perception on social media. If your business has just hit a milestone or been awarded recognition in your industry, share it! Tell your consumers that you are progressing in your core business and your social media networks will mirror this progress.


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