50% Of Facebook Fans Prefer Brand Pages To Company Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]

50% of Facebook Fans Prefer Brand Pages to Company Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]

So, you like us. But do you like like us? As in, would you put it up on Facebook? 

That’s the question Lab42 set out to answer — they asked 1,000 social media users how they felt about ‘Liking’ a brand on Facebook. And as it turns out, people take Facebook brand pages pretty seriously. Like, it-matters-more-than-your-website serious. Wowza.

So if it’s that important, how do you get people to ‘Like’ your brand’s Facebook page? Well, this infographic will break it all down for you — Lab42 asked respondents to identify what motivated (and prevented) them from showing their support for brands on Facebook. The results are interesting, and they actually bring up a few new feature ideas Facebook should consider if it wants to keep business owners and marketers happy. Here, take a look for yourself to see what the people are saying!

by Corey Eridon

via (http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33629/50-of-Facebook-Fans-Prefer-Brand-Pages-to-Company-Websites-INFOGRAPHIC.aspx)

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