Android Developers: Behind The Scene (Infographic)

Android Developers: Behind The Scene (Infographic)

More than 400k Android apps are available in the official Android Market, aka Google Play Store. These apps are being developed by Android developers of various countries and cities.

These developers not only work hard, but also work intelligently to give users the ease to understand it. But have you ever tried to know about their hobbies, likes, and how they lead their life? Well I have a few friends who areAndroid developers, they are very dedicated and workaholic while doing the assigned work.

Here are some of the amazing facts you may like to know about Android developers (derived from the below infographic):

  • Most of the Android developers are from US (19%) and India(13%)
  • 53% of developers own Samsung Mobile devices
  • 66% of them opt for Amazon App store other than the official Google Play Store
  • 41% of developers love to watch action movies

Below is an infographic by Startapp, which visualizes all about Android developers like their favorite types of movies, musics and other hobbies:

by Sunil Jain

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