Finally: An Easy Way To Copy/paste Between Your IPhone And Desktop, No App Required

Finally: an easy way to copy/paste between your iPhone and desktop, no app required

Hopper, a killer Web app that makes it easy to paste images, text and files online, has just released a handsome mobile companion.

Only weeks after its initial launch, this mobile Web version is available now on the iPhone, and it solves a simple yet utterly frustrating problem that plagues smartphones today. Hopper has managed to make it easy to quickly copy and paste text, links, images and files back and forth between your phone and desktop — no native app required.

Previously, the best way to do this sort of thing was by email (or perhaps Evernote), but once again those methods cause clutter. Pastebot has also been around for a while, but that requires a native app and doesn’t work on Windows/Linux.

Creator Josh Gross has done an excellent job designing a slick web presence optimized for the iPhone, and if you’re determined to avoid a messy inbox, this tool may be just what you need to stay organized and transfer things instantly (zero refreshing) between different devices.

How to use it:

  • Just go to on your iPhone and access any images, text, or files saved from the desktop right on your phone.
  • Heading out and need that address? File? Photo? No problem.
  • You can also quickly and easily paste in links and notes on-the-go. They’ll be there when you get home. (No Android yet! That’s being worked on.)

➤  Hopper, free Web app for your iPhone



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