How To Send Targeted Email Marketing Messages Now

How To Send Targeted Email Marketing Messages Now

It’s all very well being told you should segment your email list to get a better ROI from your eDMs (email marketing messages), however its not often explained how to do it!


Your business may not have the subscriber data (email list subscriber information) needed to send out more targeted eDMs, and you don’t have the time nor the means to acquire it quickly.  This predicament may appear to be the nail in the coffin of your business’s ability to send targeted eDMs.  However this is not so – with Mobilize Mail your email marketing can be targeted as soon as you have sent out the first eDM!


Targeted eDMs =  customised content emailed to a specific group of email list subscribers.


The quickest way to deliver targeted eDMs is to use our ‘Campaign Segments’.  First step is to send out an eDM with links to specific websites (ideally promoting a service or product) to your entire email list.  Next step is to set up a Campaign Segment or many Campaign Segments targeting all the email list subscribers who clicked the links in eDM. You can now send targeted eDMs to your email list – it is that easy!


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Why Use a dedicated ESP over using an email facility in your website?


Last week we were asked this question – and the answer is essentially this blog post – i.e. can it create campaign segments for you or can you set up a follow up eDM?  Email Marketing has evolved – it is no longer utilised to just send out email newsletters.  Email marketing is an integral sales vehicle for your business!  You may not use all the features an ESP like Mobilize Mail offers for the word go but they are there for you and we are here to ensure you know how to so you get more ROI from your email marketing.


A final word,,,,

Your email recipients are busy and they really only want emails that interest them – give them what they want to get what you want.


by Mobilize Mail


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