Infographic: How To Optimize Photos For Facebook’s News Feed

Infographic: How to optimize photos for Facebook’s News Feed

This infographic reminds me of the voice inside my head that screams at me whenever I’m in PhotoShop. The voice belongs to Chris at Giant Seattle, a graphic designer that I worked with quite often back when I lived in the Emerald City. ”We need more pixels!” he would say. The good folks at PostRocket have developed an infographic that proves that Chris knows his stuff.

What I love about this infographic is the specificity that it gets into about optimizing photos for the News Feed but also how it explains optimal photo dimensions for Facebook profiles as well. I’m not sure that I buy into the assertion that 1% of all Facebook posts are shown on the News Feed (the average person has a little over 200 friends, so there wouldn’t be a lot of content visible if that were true). And if that point is a little off, the PostRocket folks get huge props for featuring leaderswest contributor and everyone’s favorite person Peg Fitzpatrick on their website:


Postrocket endorsement


Let me know what you think!


Photo by Anita Sarkeesian (Flickr: Anita) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

by Jim Dougherty

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