[INFOGRAPHIC]: We Are Becoming More Privacy-Savvy, At Least According To Pew

[INFOGRAPHIC]: We Are Becoming More Privacy-Savvy, at Least According to Pew

The folks at the Pew Internet Life project produced a report last month here that found that people are getting more privacy-savvy on social networks. It is about time, and I am glad to see it. Especially given how privacy-savvy you have to be to try to adjust any of your Facebook or LinkedIn account settings, which keep changing by both parties. Now ZoneAlarm has digested this information into an interesting infographic.

As you can see from the charts above, more of us are taking control over the privacy settings of our accounts compared to a few years ago, in terms of deleting comments, removing tags from photos, or unfriending someone. Women are more private, at least on the networks surveyed. And younger folks are more likely to tweak their privacy settings.

The Pew report has a lot of good advice on managing your privacy settings, including don’t accept any friend requests from strangers, make sure what you are sharing is going to the intended audience and not going to cause a ruckus, and stay on top of the photos and links that you are tagged in.

By David Strom

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