Infographic: Timing Is Everything In Social Media Marketing

Infographic: Timing is Everything in Social Media Marketing

Simply using social media to market your business or commercial enterprise isn’t enough. Using social media at the right time and with appropriate frequency can make or break your marketing efforts in the social world.


Indeed, there’s more to successful social media marketing than just letting a few random links and mutterings fly across the digital social landscape.


“Each social network has different kinds of users and their daily activities vary,” says Christie Barakat of SocialTimes. “Determining when to post on social media requires that you consider your product or service and the kinds of messages relevant to your customers. A local business, for example, may find that the ideal time to post updates is different from that of a national brand. Always keep track of analytics and try mixing up your social media schedule.”


To help you keep your mind on the clock as you plot and plan your social media marketing, check out this immensely helpful new infographic from SMW shared below.


info Infographic: Timing is Everything in Social Media Marketing


by Michael E.  for  Mobile Marketing Watch.


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