New IPad & Tablet Comparison Chart

New iPad & Tablet Comparison Chart

The new iPad (our March 7 news hub) is a thing of beauty. As we’re detailing in our complete overview right now, the device features a high-res Retina display, supercharged dual-core A5X processor with improved graphics for smooth gaming performance and video playback, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, LTE, and a bunch of new apps from Apple. Together, these new features complete a package owners of the original iPad will likely have a hard time saying “no” while considering an upgrade this year. And what better way to put this upgrade question many will face later this month with a handy comparison chart?

At MacStories, we typically don’t care about tech specs as much as others do. We value the experience more than speeds and feeds. But we also think that, for the sake of information, tech specs are a set of data worth reporting and disclosing to those who care — that’s what Apple does with its Tech Specs page on every product.

So here’s what you’ll find below: a comprehensive chart comparing the new iPad to previous models. We have included specs and price — as well as a bunch of other tablets so you’ll get the big picture of what Apple has to offer with its latest iPad.

Last, make sure to check out our March 7 news hub for a roundup of everything that went down at the Yerba Buena Center today, as well as our New iPad Overview.




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