Manage Your Pinterest Account In 10 Minutes A Day [Infographic]

Manage Your Pinterest Account in 10 Minutes a Day [Infographic]

Social media marketing has gone visual.




Brands are increasingly focusing their efforts on using distinct imagery to educate and engage their audiences. A picture really is worth a thousand words and Pinterest, the online pinboard, has taken center stage. Shareholic reports that Pinterest is second only to Facebook when it comes to driving referral traffic. The lifespan of a pin is the longest of any social media post, which is why it’s important to manage your Pinterest account to your best advantage.


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Social media marketing is time-consuming. Putting your brand’s best foot forward generally entails managing multiple social media profiles. The daily activities necessary to be effective on each platform can be very labor-intensive. Mitt Ray of Social Marketing Writing has created the useful infographic below to help you get your arms around your Pinterest account and manage it effectively in just a few minutes a day. Check out his tips and put them to work for your visual marketing initiatives on Pinterest.


Be prepared


Before you begin managing a Pinterest account, it’s important to plan ahead in order to achieve maximum engagement.

  • Set goals. Decide what you want to achieve — grow your followers, increase website traffic, improve sales, increase repins, etc.
  • Find your most popular boards and pins. This inventory will help you determine what is most popular with your audience.
  • Subscribe to useful content. Blogs and other Pinterest boards will provide shareable images.
  • Save articles and images you like. This will help you build a backlog of visual content.
  • Pin when it’s most effective. Pins that are posted 2:00-4:00pm and between 8:00pm and 1:00 am receive the most engagement.

Managing your Pinterest account


Now that you’re prepared, you can methodically manage your Pinterest account.

  • Respond to comments. Comment on pins shared from your website, on repins, and on pins in which you are mentioned. Limit your number of comments to 2 or 3 at a time — more than this will cause your account to be flagged.
  • Repin and like some pins. Liking pins is a great way to same images you can pin later.
  • Schedule your pins. Use Pinterest’s scheduling feature to distribute your pins throughout the day and keep fresh content in front of your followers.
  • Cross-promote. Share your pins on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your other social media profiles to drive traffic and audience engagement.


by Pam Dyer


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