Maybe It’s Time Your Emails Become Mobile-Friendly [Infographic]

Maybe it’s Time Your Emails Become Mobile-Friendly [Infographic]

The topic of optimizing email campaigns for mobile devices is relatively new, if you take in consideration the long history of email.

Email is so old, and we are so used to it, that we really don’t expect it to surprise us with changes too much.

But it recently has. Dramatically. Email decided to catch up, get in shape, and be as cool as the other technology around it. Hey, if Brad Pitt can look like that at 50…


Now the question is, are you ready to adapt to these changes, and use them to your advantage?

We’re not talking about the recent introduction of Gmail Tabs or the announcement of images displaying by default, because as Clay Shirky once said…

A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools, it happens when society adopts new behaviors

In this case, a good chunk of society has decided that webmail will no longer be opened via a browser but on mobile devices. 61% to be exact!


Surprised? Turns out email delivered via Gmail, Yahoo and AOL, is opened on browsers only between 20% and 22%.


Sounds to me like your target just moved…


This infographic by Litmus provides some impressive numbers:

  • 39% of all webmail is opened on iOS devices between iPhone and iPad
  • 51% of all email and 61% of webmail is now opened on mobile devices
  • Yahoo! users prefer Android: 35% against 20% of iPhone
  • But Gmail users prefer iPhone (31%) over Android (24%)

How about you?

How are your email campaigns displaying on a mobile device? Have you looked at how your emails are being opened? Are you planning on working on this in 2014? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.




Infographic courtesy of Litmus.


by Francisco Rosales


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