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LifeThink Project
ABOUT: Redesign Galaxy Suites Santorini website and complete digital marketing support.
RESULT: Custom designs, powerful features and aesthetically pleasing UI, deliver a smooth user experience. We digitally re branded Galaxy Suites and inspired the target audience. The online revenue increased from day 1.
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Carved at the edge of the rock of Santorini Caldera's, Galaxy Suites offer spectacular views over the volcanic islands.
Our team helped Galaxy Suites to increase online sales this year from day one
Responsive Website

Whether you view Mystique’s website on a laptop, mobile or tablet device, it will always look great. With over 25% of the website’s usage already coming from mobile and tablet devices we designed and built so that user interface is very simple and fast.
New Technologies

Every latest technology was used in order to implement and enhance this project. Html 5, Css3, Javascript and all the techniques that help us stay in touch with the latest trends were included.
Modern SEO strategy

Through intensive keyword research and a proprietary content prioritization process, we utilized existing content and developed new content. We created a successful on-page optimization strategy for Mystique’s website that improved its organic position.