Top 25 IPhone Apps For Reputation Management And Social Media Monitoring

Top 25 iPhone Apps for Reputation Management and Social Media Monitoring

So we’ve convinced you that you must keep tabs on what’s being said about you online. At all times. And we’ve stressed the importance of engagement and prompt responses to keep your social audience invested. But you’re not looking forward to being chained to your desk for constant reputation management and social media monitoring. Before you break out the lock and chain, check out these 25 iPhone apps for reputation management and social media monitoring.

  1. HootSuite – HootSuite has long been one of the most widely-used apps on both desktops and mobile devices for social media management. But HootSuite has just gotten even better after acquiring Seesmic in September 2012. As of March 2013, the two have been integrated to provide the most comprehensive, cross-platform social monitoring application available. This is pure awesomness, folks.
  2. Flipboard – Flipboard is a content aggregation tool that lets you easily pull in the information that’s most important to you. In other words, you can monitor yourself, your company or your social channels—or all three, from a single app. Oh, and you can create magazines with Flipboard, too. Who doesn’t want to create a magazine straight from their iPhone? We know we do.
  3. Reputation by Five Blocks – The Reputation app by Five Blocks tracks Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, blogs and news to let you see the results exactly as users see when they search for you. And it’s free!
  4. Reputation Alert – Reputation Alert by Rapom Technology sends you an alert when your brand name is mentioned on Twitter, based on keyword groups, locations and other metrics that you define.
  5. Pheed – Pheed is a new social network just introduced towards the end of 2012. Share all types of digital content, including photos, videos, text, audio and even live broadcasts, all straight from your iPhone.
  6. Hudld – Hudld, by MeFollow, is similar to the familiar TweetDeck app (which, by the way, will be shut down on May 7th), allowing you to add up to 30 Twitter accounts and 30 Facebook accounts for seamless monitoring and managing right from your mobile device.
  7. Slim – A recently launched app, Slim’s tagline is “Social media for busy people.” Slim helps you stay on top of important updates from colleagues via Facebook and LinkedIn. Then you can call, text, IM, email or post directly to the service from within the application.
  8. Quora – Quora is a valuable platform for engaging with journalists and thought leaders. Ask questions, get answers and engage with fellow thought leaders using Quora’s iPhone app—on the fly.
  9. Gist – Gist is a great tool for both social media and reputation management in one. This app gives you all the news, updates, and information about your contacts and their companies at your fingertips. Check out this informative interview with Gist’s former Customer Experience Manager, Greg Meyer, for some insights on reputation management and the ability to perform a social media audit using this app.
  10. Skype – The Skype app lets you get in touch with colleagues and contacts using the same great service you get from Skype’s desktop version right from your iPhone.
  11. Vine – If you haven’t heard anyone mention Vine yet, you will soon. Vine lets you create and share videos with your friends and contacts, and the latest version allows the sharing of posts via Twitter and Facebook. Or, you can embed them on the Web. Video has truly become social with Vine.
  12. Swipp – A great app for monitoring opinions, Swipp is free and lets you discover what other people are saying about anything and everything.
  13. Spraffl – Another up-and-comer, Spraffl holds big promise to the world of reputation management. This app lets users comment anonymously and post updates on local events, breaking news and so forth. Why will it be big for reputation management? If this no-connections app takes off, you can monitor what people are really saying about your business in real time. We predict this one could be especially important for localized businesses. Hint: Make sure your customer service is stellar, or you might not like the comments you discover.
  14. HomeBase – Described as a “social media megaphone,” HomeBase blasts your messages and updates out to a slew of social networks simultaneously.
  15. Instapaper – Sort of like an advanced bookmarking app, Instapaper lets you save entire web pages to read later. Find a blog post related to your industry, or comments about your company, simply add it to Instapaper for later when you have time to fully digest and formulate a plan of action.
  16. NetNewsWire – NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use app that aggregates legitimate news content, blogs and more into a single stream. Easily monitor industry news and even post to Twitter from within the app.
  17. Pitch Engine – A pretty amazing app for PR pros, Pitch Engine can be a valuable tool for reputation management. Package up videos, images and all the info you need to get the word out in a single pitch.
  18. Spout – Spout delivers all the content you care about in a single stream right to your iPhone. Facebook, Twitter, Google News and Flickr content is all aggregated into a streamlined interface.
  19. Wired PR Works – The always-on, social media, marketing and PR app, Wired PR Works helps you stay current with conferences, news, digital public relations guides and more. It’s one massive marketing resource jam-packed into an iPhone app. Take your marketing efforts to the next level with great advice and resources at your fingertips.
  20. Xing – Take your business network with you wherever you go, stay connected with your contacts, read and respond to messages and more with Xing.
  21. ShoZu – Connect to Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Photobucket and send photos to more than 50 different services from within the ShoZu app.
  22. Twittelator – Twittelator is a powerful Twitter application packed with features, such as What the Trend?, which explains current trending topics, integration with ReadItLater and Instapaper, an automatic URL shortener, and much, much more.
  23. Pinterest – Still somewhat of a newbie among the most popular social platforms, Pinterestdoesn’t benefit from the same level of mass integration across multi-platform applications just yet. But it does have its own app!
  24. Buffer App – One of the most popular desktop applications for social media management, Bufferoffers a native iPhone app for the same level of functionality from your device. Brilliance in action.
  25. Roost – Recently acquired by VerticalResponse, Roost is a free app for the iPhone that lets you share photos, post updates, review and manage all your posts, get all the details on your posts—including an engagement score—straight from your iPhone, all integrated with your VerticalResponse social account.

So there you have it: 25 brilliant, useful tools to help you monitor and manage your online reputation and social media accounts. Managing your online presence has never been easier with the amazing functionality built into these applications. What iPhone apps can’t you live without? Share your favorites with us below!

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