Using Social Media For Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Using Social Media for Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is now a crucial part of any successful businesses marketing plan. It offers us a platform to interact with existing and potential customers and can often provide us with feedback and new ideas. If you aren’t already using this powerful and cost effective marketing tool to its full potential, maybe these facts will give you a push.






Integrating your business website with Facebook has never been easier and the benefits speak for themselves, with 50% of Facebook users checking their profile every day. 23% do this 5 times or more! Think of these log-ins as opportunities to expose your followers to your brand through creative content and interaction.


Social media isn’t just used for connecting with existing customers, it’s also a great tool for acquisition. With 54% of marketers gaining a new customer through Facebook this year alone, businesses should be looking to join this trend.


Facebook often comes out on top in the world of social media, however Twitter should by no means be overlooked! With 36% of businesses gaining a new customer through Twitter, this easy to use microblogging platform should be considered just as highly.


LinkedIn is a more professional network, with over 200 million members and 2 more joining every second. This is a great place to build business connections, hunt for potential employees and find out what other businesses are doing to stay ahead.


Take a look at the infographic below for more information on why you should be utilising social media for your business.


Infographic republished with permission by Twist Forum


Social Media for Business 2013 Inforgraphic

byPhillipa Kiripatea



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