Portfolio - Case Studies

Here you wil find some of our projects that demonstrate very high levels of
creativity, programming and overall design competence.

Latest Projects
famous grouse social media 1 featured photo

Famous Grouse Greece required a brand new redesign of its Facebook page strategy. We took action, by analyzing posting optimal frequency and setting the guides for the social media policy of the Famous Grouse page. Finally we design custom Facebook apps for contests.

We gave new perspective to the famous resort, Mystique, by digitally extending its wedding presence in Santorini. The result is that our new website consistently delivers for our clients.

Freemasonry iPad app iPhone app featured photo

A London based company asked us to create a reference iPad, iPhone application for the Freemasonry organization. Job done, and users from more than 29 countries downloaded the app in less than a month! The app is the leading app about Freemasonry around the world.

black rose santorini web design featured

Our experience and knowledge of this market enabled us to design the new Black Rose Suites website based on relevant user patterns

carbonaki hotel mykonos web design featured 1

Custom designs, and aesthetically pleasing UI, deliver a smooth user experience for the visitors of Carbonaki’s website

iconic villas web design featured photo

Having a vast experience on this field, we designed and created this website based on the digital trends for the target market

menoume mazi web design featured image

We designed a website to match potential tenants/roommates with available rooms in apartments using very high levels of creativity, programming and overall design competence. Our advanced web services help users to refine their criteria to find the perfect match.

Mantoukas Pharmacy trusted us to create a new innovative e-shop. Our experience and knowledge of the digital market enabled us to plan and design the overall digital presence of the project underpinned by a solid business strategy.

first class travel web design

Every latest technology was used to enhance First Class Travel digital presence. We designed using awesome features that helped First Class Travel to inspire its target audience.

ekefalonia web design featured photo

Having studied the digital trends of news industry and having analyzed thousands of e-Kefalonia visits we created a news website based on user patterns with advanced SEO features. Our understanding of the marketplace and its users, allowed us to design a website that from day one increased its traffic.

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